Fri 08 Mar 2024 - 19:30


GOLA GIANNI and friends

[HIP HOP SNACKS] x olliewood

Practical Info

Venue: Olliewood Skateshop
Promoter: Rockhal

Doors: 19:00
Show: 19:30

The entry to this event is free of charge (entrée libre.) Please note you holding a ticket doesn’t guarantee access to the event, as it will depend on the number of persons already in the skateshop at the time of your arrival.


The tasty rap agenda by Rockhal

Friday the 8th of March, [Hip-hop snacks] is moving to Luxembourg city for a crunchy party at Olliewood Skate Shop. Great sound, stylish people, a fancy place and surprises are waiting for you! Enjoy free entry and drinks!

-Line Up- 

Gola Gianni ( DE)

Gola Gianni is an Austrian rapper whose internationality and unique sound are shaking up the Austrian rap music scene. This multi-classical musician spent his childhood in Indonesia and the United States before moving to Austria at the age of 16.



Nevlo (Lux)

Nevlo stands as the trailblazer for Luxembourg’s burgeoning avant-garde Hip-Hop/Rap
movement, drawing inspiraAon from the dynamic American Trap scene. With an unapologe for the extravagant, he not only flaunts his opulent lifestyle but also serves as a compelling embodiment of his craI.


Chasey Negro (Lux)

Chasey Negro, a promising newcomer and quickly rising to fame, manages to cross music genres-, while pushing the boundaries of modern rap and Hip-Hop. Having produced his first songs from the comfort of his bedroom, the Luxembourgish-based English-speaking artist proves that music can be created within the constraints of domestic technology.


Grrr4u w/ SAINTDEGASPAR (DJ-set) 

Currently based in Berlin and raised in Luxembourg, SAINTDEGASPAR accompanies you through his exaggerated yet, tame sound.

Inspired by boundaries, SAINTDEGASPA aims to bend the fine lines of what makes a song enjoyable, experimental, progressive, funny and everything in between.

Being a Portuguese artist born and raised in a multicultural country such as Luxembourg, he shows his appreciation for his surroundings, while at the same time showing aspects of his own culture and family with his sound.