• Apply for press and photo accreditation in time using this form. Enter the name of the person who will be attending the event. Enter the e-mail address to which you would like a reply to your request. A press accreditation is always for a single press ticket and/or photo accreditation.
  • Deadline for submission: It is possible to request an accreditation up until 7 days before the concert date. Any accreditation request after this deadline cannot be considered by our team.
  • Feedback time: We will reply as soon as the management of the artist / band has given us their decision, whether it is a validation or a refusal of accreditation. As this decision and its timing are beyond our control, our response time may take up to a few days before the concert (or exceptionally up to a few hours before the concert).
  • The event you are looking for is not on the list? Then it is most likely organized by another promoter. Rockhal can only handle press accreditation for events that we (co-)organize. For other events, please contact the external organiser directly. The name of the organiser can be found on the event page (this is the “Org. by” field in our Agenda, or the “Promoter” field on the event page).
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All images are available for publication. Please quote the copyright wherever possible. It is indicated in the image file name.

Can’t find a suitable photo for a particular concert? Don’t hesitate to request a photo by e-mail.



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