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Tue 28 September 2021


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Venue : Rockhal Floor - Standing Doors : 19:30 Support : Ludovik & the Waiters
Promoter : Rockhal
From 25.30 €

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Extract "Freaking Out Loud"

Practical Info

Doors : 19:30
Show : 20:30


Half English, half French, 100% Rock'n'Roll - Laura Cox is exactly what she promises to be:a "Badass Rock'n'Roll Lady" who produces sounds with her guitar that make the world quakein a groundbreaking way. With this she has catapulted herself into the rankings of thegreatest female guitarists, and is there seriously anything cooler than being mentioned in thesame breath as Nancy Wilson (Heart), Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper), The Runaways or JoanJett, just to name a few. The new, 2nd album "Burning Bright", released by Ear-Music on November 8, 2019, is "highvoltage rock 'n' roll" in the style of AC/DC and Danko Jones meets Joan Jett, mixed withSouthern and Blues influences. Therefore Laura herself defines her style as "Southern HardBlues" - a mix of genres and bands she grew up with. "Burning Bright" was recorded at the legendary ICP Studios (Johnny Hallyday, The Cure, Vanessa Paradis, Solomon Burke).

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