Sun 01 May 2022 - Thu 05 May 2022



Presented by BELONG

Practical Info

Venue: Rocklab - The Lab
Promoter: BELONG

Doors: 11:00
Show: 11:00

BELONG is hosted by IWHO asbl, and benefits from the support of ESCH 2022, the City of Esch-sur-Alzette, OEUVRE Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Rocklab, and Bâtiment IV.


Experience playing & dancing with some of the most ancient, unique, and mystic forms of arts before its too late..
Musician/dancer? do not miss the opportunity to immerse in this unique experience.

From the heart of Egypt, BELONG brings few of the remaining artists on the planet who still master the Egyptian Zār music ritual, alongside those who perform the beautiful melodies of Gypsy music, to Luxembourg for workshops and exchange with local artists.

Zār is a community healing ritual of polyrhythmic drumming and dancing whose tradition is carried on mainly by women (men have the secondary roles) and whose main participants are women. It’s distinctively different from other Egyptian music traditions. This ritual has been widely misconceived as a form of exorcism. However, the goal is to engage participants with their inner selves and workout their tensions and frustrations by freeing their movement, their state, and even their dreams.
Gypsy music is commonly used weddings and festivals in Egypt, and utilizes ancient Egyptian instruments (i.e. Arghoul & Kawala) in their music, in addition to Mawal. Mawal itself is a form of free style and improvisational poetic singing, which can sometimes be used in story telling. Across the history, musical instruments have been introduced to Mawal and played an important part in its development.
In collaboration with the Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts (Makan), BELONG invites Nass Makan ensemble, which is a fusion of Mazaher ensemble and Mawawil to exchange their art with local artists in workshops towards a concert in Escher theatre (6 May | 20h).

Interested to join them onstage? Apply now. Due to limitations in capacity, applications will be screened and reviewed for admission.