Fri 20 May 2022 - 21:00



Practical Info

Venue: Rockhal Club
Promoter: Rockhal

Doors: 21:00
Show: 21:00

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21:00 Doors
21:00 – NOSI (LUX)
22:45 – Vitalic Live (FR)


As far back as he can remember Vitalic (born Pascal Arbez-Nicolas) has always wanted to make electronic music in order to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Jean-Michel Jarre. As he recalls, a record of the electro music pioneer was left in the sun in the back of a car. The record had warped and it impacted his endeavor: ‘’I musically imitated this distortion that sounded odd, which you can find in my music and more or less everywhere.’’

Vitalic returns with a fifth album, which will be released in two volumes. “**DISSIDÆNCE**”, the title of which is a whole story in itself – is an album that the producer describes as a return to the roots of his sonic identity, a kind of reinterpretation of the rock energy of his early albums.

The first volume of “DISSIDÆNCE” is a sort of concentrated resume of his strengths from the past twenty years, whether it’s filthy, head-spinning tornado tracks or synth-laden love songs for a summer’s day. With “DISSIDÆNCE” Episode 1, whose powerful beats and galloping sequencers translate the social and political anger of the global pandemic, Vitalic looks into his past and channels his love for **off-kilter synth sounds, skew-whiff pads, heady refrains, distorted vocals and heavy beats** dripping with sex and sweat, but above all his obsessional passion for dance music. “DISSIDÆNCE” should be taken as a celebration of celebration, time-travel to an era that may not exist right now, but which will – and this album is the dazzling proof – be reborn from its ashes to burn bright once more, in all its raging glory.