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Thu 11 July 2024


Venue : Rockhal - Standing Doors : 20:00
Promoter : Rockhal
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Extract "ALL I WANNA DO"

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Doors : 20:00
Show : 20:30


The iconic Heart band joins us to perform at the Rockhal in Luxembourg.
Heart is a legendary rock band formed in Seattle, Washington in the early 1970s. The band is fronted by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, who are known for their powerhouse vocals and impressive guitar skills. Heart has released numerous hit songs over the years, including “Barracuda,” “Crazy on You,” and “Alone.” The band has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has sold over 35 million records worldwide.
The scene was characterized by a mix of hard rock and folk music, with bands like The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, and Neil Young being major influences. Heart’s music is often classified as hard rock, but it also incorporates elements of folk, pop, and heavy metal. This unique blend of genres helped the band stand out in the male-dominated rock scene of the time.
Don’t miss the chance to witness the legendary Heart band in action at the Rockhal in Luxembourg.

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