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Thu 05 October 2023


Venue : Rockhal Club - Standing Doors : 20:00
Promoter : Rockhal
From 34 €

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Blues/Jazz, Rock

Extract "The Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde""

Practical Info

Doors : 20:00
Show : 20:45


Over the past ten years The Aristocrats have released critically acclaimed albums, toured the world, and established themselves as one of the most musically original, refreshingly irreverent, and astoundingly entertaining instrumental rock-fusion acts on the planet. Anyone who’s witnessed their live musical high-wire act - employing random amounts of rock, jazz, pop, metal, and even traditional country – can attest that it is informed by the spirit of a true band, one whose improvisational soul allows for anything to happen onstage at any moment…including the occasional wink and nod at the audience.

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