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Thu 03 October 2024


Venue : Rockhal Club - Standing Doors : 20:00
Promoter : Rockhal
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Extract "Lotus"

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Doors : 20:00
Show : 20:30


Initially formed in 2004, it was in May 2010 that the formation of Soen was officially announced. The original lineup consisted of former Opeth drummer Martin Lopez, Testament and Sadus bassist Steve Di Giorgio, Willowtree vocalist Joel Ekelof and guitaris Kim Platbarzdis. The first song β€œFraccion” was released on the band’s official website in October 2010.

Funding member drummer Martin Lopez, describes Soen’s Music as β€œmelodic, heavy and intricate”.

Since Lopez and Joel Ekelof formed the group, Soen have never shied away from exploration and analysis of self or society, both as musicians and expressionists. 2012’s β€œCognitive” beat a firmly heavy, progressive metal path, before 2014’s β€œTellurian” saw Soen star to to stride freely into their own power and unique visions.

Their third offering, β€œLykaia”, was a conceptual journey exploring earthier places.

Soen’s fourth album, β€œLotus” is another journey using a different set of perspective. The Album was released on February 1st 2019 via Silver Lining Music. Produced by David Castillo and Inaki Marconi at Ghostwards Studio and Studio 6 between July and October 2018.

β€œLotus” contains dissertations on modern society such as β€œRival”, β€œCovenant” and β€œMartyrs” that are the fraught with poetic, finitely designed confusion and chaos. Specific meanings, however, remain at once deeply personal and wholly universal.

Produced by IΓ±aki Marconi and the band, β€œImperial” (2021) was mixed and mastered by Kane Churko, who has worked with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Bob Dylan.Β  Eight crisp, sharp, and supremely constructed songs spanning frustration, reflection and hope, β€œImperial” is the most fierce and dynamic release of Soen’s journey, which will engage the listener immediately and sustain long after this crazy time has passed, its rich details destined to make it a classic metal album of this era.

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