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Fri 03 June 2022

Sleepers’ Guilt

Release Show
Venue : Rockhal Club - Standing Doors : 20:00 Support : Pleasing
Promoter : Rocklab
From 15 €

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Practical Info

Doors : 20:00
Show : 20:30


With “What remained”, Luxembourg-based melodic death metal quintet Sleepers’ Guilt release their second full-length studio album. Without being a concept album, “What remained” explores the end of humanity and takes the audience to a musical journey into the tides of fate. In a dystopic world, humanity is on the verge of extinction, machines have taken over. But is it really the machines, or rather those who control them? And is there a life outside the dystopian illusions, in solitude, amidst an exhausted, dismissive nature? Do not miss this out-of-the-ordinary release show by Sleepers’ Guilt and their special guest Pleasing.

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