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Wed 29 June 2022

Music industry Jobs : intro

Rocklab Members Meeting
Venue : Rockhalcafé - Seated Doors : 18:30
Promoter : Rocklab

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Doors : 18:30
Show : 19:00


What does a manager do? Do I need a publisher? What’s the difference between a venue booker and a booking agent? Is there someone who can take care of my promotion? All the answers to these questions and many more will be discussed during this dedicated panel exploring the many jobs in the music industry. Local professionals will give an insight into their daily jobs and help you understand who does what and when you need who as an artist to make your team and your project grow.

Speakers: Stephanie Baustert – Manager, Danny Epstein – Konektis Entertainment, Joël Heyard – Joël Heyard Productions, Damiano Picci – FOQUS, Vicky Zeimetz – A-Promotions

Host: Yves Stephany – radio 100,7