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Thu 22 September 2022

De La Mancha & The Winklepickers

Venue : Skip (Belval) - Standing Doors : 20:00
Promoter : Rocklab
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Doors : 20:00
Show : 20:30


Join us for two showcases by classic rock band De La Mancha and blues duo The Winklepickers. 

De La Mancha 

De la Mancha is a rock band based in Luxemburg and formed in 2011 by Marc “Frisko” Frischkorn (guitar), Jos Seil (guitar), Paul Lebrun (bass), Paul Neuen (drums) and Pol Dechmann (vocals). The band’s original name, “Sacred Numbers” was changed in 2014 to “De la Mancha” as a reminiscence to Cervantes famous literary hero “Don Quixote de la Mancha”, fighting the windmills. In remembrance of their lost bass player Paul Lebrun, the band kept this name but put it into the shorter form of “dLm” in 2020. The overall sound of dLm’s music is shaped by the eclectic styles and influences of the different band members. Catchy hook lines and precise guitarwork are flooded through by melodic and munchy licks, solid bass work, punchy, driving drum grooves and vocals ranging trough a wide array of tonal expression, from whiny ballad styles to screaming rock vocals. 


The Winklepickers  

Roger Melcher (vocals and harp) and Roland Meyer (guitar, stompbox and vocals) are The Winklepickers. Expect spiced up acoustic blues from the deepest Alzette river valley, hillbilly roots and bluegrass power from downtown Luxembourg City till the heights of the northern countryside. From Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Little Walter Jacobs to the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and a number of local heroes: a fabulous journey through the deep old blue swampy delta of “Blues de Luxe”. 

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